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Gateshead Summer Flower Show 2007

Our stand at Gateshead Summer Flower Show

Members of the Durham Organic Gardeners' Association manned a display to promote organic gardening at the Gateshead Summer Flower Show on 27 - 29 July. The theme of the display was "An Eco-friendly Potager" and the plants and produce for the display were provided by members of the Association. Many of the plants were container-grown and represented a variety of vegetables and flowers - eg peas, beans, carrots, brassicas, salads, aubergines, squashes, sweetcorn, herbs, marigolds, sweet peas, inter alia. The display included a pond and representation of wildlife and water conservation.

The display was awarded a Silver Gilt and was commended by the judges for its "excellent" (their word) educational aspect. This included a quiz for children based on the display and the provision of the Step by Step handbooks produced by Garden Organic. The display elicited a lot of interest from visitors to the Show and much advice on organic gardening was sought, particularly with regard to the control of pests and diseases by organic means.

Giving advice at Gateshead Summer Flower Show

Thanks are due to all Association members who provided plants and produce for the display and who helped to man it during the Show, and in particular to Dylys Dickerson, Cathy and Peter Prickett, Carol and Arthur Armstrong and Christine Wass for designing and setting up the display.