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Gateshead Summer Flower Show 2008

Our stand at Gateshead Summer Flower Show

Once again Durham Organic Gardeners' Association had a garden display and information stall at Gateshead Summer Flower Show to promote organic gardening. As usual we had gardening information supplied by Garden Organic, which we are affiliated to, and were delighted to have the support of their area Education Officer Anna Corbett, who kindly helped to man the stall for a while. We decided very early to make this year's display a Keyhole Garden and were fortunate to have the assistance of the charity Send a Cow in constructing the garden and supplying leaflets to hand out to the public. We also had room on the display for two mini bag gardens, one a salad and one a herb garden. The Send a Cow leaflets detailed the method of construction for both types of Garden.

We were delighted to gain a Silver Gilt Award and thrilled by the degree of interest shown by the public. Two of our members were interviewed on the Radio Newcastle gardening programme broadcast live from the show that weekend, resulting in even more people coming to view the garden and discuss it with our members manning the stall.

We would like to express our thanks to the Gateshead Show Organisers, Garden Organic and Send a Cow as well as all the members who helped in so many ways to enable the display to take place.